Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 Groups & Draws

The top two teams from each group will advance to the Super Eights, where their initial positions have already been predetermined.

The 2024 Twenty20 World Cup draw will feature a second group stage, with the top teams already aware of their starting positions, as revealed now. ICC revealed the fixtures for T20 WC 2024.

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 will be jointly hosted by the West Indies and the United States of America in June. In this 9th edition of the T20 World Cup, 20 teams will be divided into 4 groups of five. Countries participating in the competition have already been matched with their respective opponents, which we are going to reveal:

t 20 wc 24 groups
  • In Group A, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Canada, and the USA, will play their matches against each other in the United States.
  • In Group B, defending champion England will play against Australia, Namibia, Scotland, and Oman in the Caribbean countries.
  • In Group C, New Zealand, West Indies, Afghanistan, Uganda, and Papua New Guinea will play with each other.
  • In Group D, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Netherlands, and Nepal will play their matches in both the West Indies and the United States.
  • In determining the Super Eight draw, pre-tournament seedings will be considered, regardless of whether teams finish first or second in their groups.

Based on their rankings and qualification through the group stage, it is highly likely that England will face West Indies, and Pakistan will face South Africa in the Super Eight stages, despite securing top positions in their respective groups.

T20 World Cup 2024 Groups in the First Round

Group AGroup B
India England
Group CGroup D
New ZealandSouth Africa
West IndiesSri Lanka
Papua New GuineaNepal

Groups in the Second Round

Group 1     USGroup 2     Caribbean
A1     IndiaA2    Pakistan
B2     AustraliaB1    England
C1     New ZealandC2    West Indies
D2     Sri LankaD1    South Africa

The Super Eights will showcase the top two teams from each initial group in the first round. The Super Eight draw, along with the pool stage, will be announced together. Teams in this stage will be grouped based on their initial seeding. For example, India will be designated as A1 in the Super Eight group, even if they secure the second position in the first stage group, and their rivals will be determined accordingly.

If any team outside the top eight seeds advance to the second stage, they would adopt the Super Eight seeding of the team they eliminate. For example, if Bangladesh qualified for the Super Eight stage by eliminating Sri Lanka, they would acquire Sri Lanka’s D2 seeding regardless of whether they came first or second in their group.

The grouping method of this World Cup also raises some questions about competitive integrity, as the four lowest-ranked teams are placed in two groups. Papua New Guinea, ranked 19th, and Uganda, ranked 22nd, are in Group C. Additionally, the USA and Canada, ranked 23rd and 20th respectively, are placed in Group A.

Half of the 20 qualifying teams will play matches in the USA. Matches in the USA will be played by five out of the seven nations qualifying from Asia.

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